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Supplying Aluminum Helidecks - Heliports Since 1998 Standard Solid Aluminum Pancakes SED 6000 (Safe Deck) Aluminum Pancakes Aluminum Support Framing Aluminum and Intermediate Platforms Aluminum Walkways Complete Helideck Lighting System Complete AFFF Fire Suppression System Refueling System
Thank you for your interest in Helidex Products and Services.   Helidex   specializes   in   the   Engineering,   Manufacturing   and   Construction   of   aluminum   helidecks   and   heliports.   Helidex   offers   lightweight structural framing, a durable and virtually maintenance free deck surfaces, and modular or stick framing construction. Helidex   Offshore   LLC   is   a   registered   company   in   New   Jersey   and   is   incorporated   in   the   State   of   Delaware.   Helidex   started   in   the Aluminum   Helideck   Business   in   1998.   Helidex   offers   an   extensive   experience   in   the   supply   of   aluminum   helidecks   for   the   Offshore   oil and   gas   industry   such   as   offshore   platforms,   offshore   living   quarters,   offshore   windfarm   industry   such   as   sub-stations,   and   marine vessels   such   as   FPSOs,   lifboats,   OSV   and   DP   vessels.   Helidex   supplied   helideck   structures   for   clients   in   the   USA,   Mexico,   Canada, Brazil, Singapore, UK, Italy, China, Trinidad, the UAE, Qatar, Norway, Indonesia, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. Both   engineering   and   fabrication   are   done   in-house   by   qualified   engineers,   designers   and   fabricators.   Engineering   is   performed   in   our New   Jersey   facility   under   the   supervision   of   licensed   professional   engineers.   Our   helidecks   are   made   in   our   70,000   sq.   ft.   covered fabrication   facility   in   Spartanburg,   South   Carolina.   We   use   two   automated   CNC   beam   drill   lines,   vertical   column   saws,   up-saws,   band saws,   plasma   cutter   and   various   latest   fabrication   equipment.   Fabrication   is   done   by   experienced   aluminum   fitters   and   fabricators.   All our helidecks are trial fitted at the shop and inspected by third party inspectors prior to shipping. We   use   the   latest   engineering   softwares,   such   as   Staad/Pro,   Risa,   AutoCad,   Enercalc   and   Mathlab,   as   well   as   in-house   developed programs, for the design and detailing of our aluminum structures.  Helidex   offers   a   lightweight   patented   decking,   the   Heliflex   6000   planks.   This   decking   has   been   successfully   used   worldwide   for   over   20 years.   The   Heliflex   6000   decking   is   lighter   than   the   competition   decking   with   comprable   strength.   Our   decking   features   a   rugged, knurled and slip resistant surface which does not require any special treatment such as sandblasting and special primers.  Helidex   also   offers   a   full   line   of   helideck   accessories   such   as   perimeter   lighting,   obstruction   lighting,   windcones,   fuel/water   separators, fire   suppression   equipment,   Heat   Tracing,   landing   nets   and   crash   equipments.      Helidex   can   supply   and   deliver   aluminum   helidecks anywhere in the world.  We would be glad to help you with your helideck needs.  Thanks again for considering Helidex LLC for your helidecks/Helipads needs.        
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